Friday, August 28, 2020

CNN Reports On Other "Mostly Peaceful" Historical Events

August 24, 1814: Washington, D.C.—
CNN: “As you can see behind me, the White House is aflame, in what can otherwise only be called a mostly peaceful demonstration of British might…”

September 17, 1862: Outside of Sharpsburg, Maryland--
CNN: “A spirited though mostly peaceful confrontation between the Army of the Potomac and Confederate forces took place here today…”

May 31, 1889: Near Johnstown, Pennsylvania—
CNN: “A watery but mostly peaceful day here in this western Pennsylvania town…”

May 6, 1937: Manchester Township, New jersey—
CNN: “The German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg executed a fiery, but mostly successful, docking attempt with its mooring mast here at the Naval Air Station Lakehurst today.”

December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor--
CNN Reporter: “As you can see above me, and in the background, there are literally hundreds of Japanese planes swirling around the cerulean sky this morning, taking part in a fiery but mostly peaceful demonstration of sorts…”

April 29, 1945: Germany--
CNN: “You are seeing images of Dachau, the German camp for Jews, that has just been liberated by the U.S. Seventh Army. We are learning more about these camps as I speak, but it appears these were somewhat challenging but mostly peaceful places…”

September 11, 2001: New York City--
CNN: “New York has been the scene this beautiful, sunny morning of a fiery-- but mostly peaceful-- demonstration of Jihadist resistance to American bigotry and xenophobia fomented by Republicans. Right-wing media outlets might highlight the number of folks that may be killed or injured this morning, but we should remember that the vast majority of us are perfectly fine…”

              Watching CNN attempt to portray itself as a legitimate news source is an appalling and repulsive—if mostly peaceful—endeavor.

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