Monday, August 3, 2020

Leftist Dogma

Leftists believe there is only one legitimate opinion on the issues, that being theirs, and demonize those who do not share it as intolerant, exclusionary and divisive. They believe there is a Constitutional right to abort one’s “fetus,” but not to free speech, if they deem it “hate speech.”  They believe “the science is settled” when it comes to an unimaginably complex topic such as climate change, but certainly not when it comes to the plainly obvious existence of two sexes. They believe that second-hand cigarette smoke is uniformly deadly, but that the first-hand smoking of marijuana has numerous remarkable health benefits.
They believe religion is the “opiate of the masses,” despite its obvious benefits to people’s mental and spiritual health over the millennia, yet cling to an irrational, fanatical belief that Socialism will somehow make things better for us all, despite its long, sad-- and abundantly clear-- bloody history. They believe forcibly disarming law-abiding citizens will magically result in criminals being less likely to shoot them, not the reverse. They believe that dramatically raising taxes on those who work-- and paying more to those who don’t—will somehow lead to a more just and prosperous society. They believe that doing away with prisons and reducing the number of police will make them safer.
They believe the phrases “All Lives Matter” and “Make America Great Again” are racist dog-whistles (and a form of actual violence), but that statements comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler are simply accurate analogies. They believe that Antifa members are essentially freedom fighters but that the Founders were naught but colonial occupiers of the worst kind. They believe capitalism is evil and that Cuba and Venezuela deserve credit for trying to equalize incomes and achieving high rates of literacy. They believe the United States is a racist, sexist, bigoted, patriarchal nation but that we have no right to criticize other cultures, despite the prevalence of wife-beating, female genital mutilation or their propensity to kill gays and lesbians.
They hold that sexual deviance is the highest form of righteousness and conscience, but that cis-males who are openly attracted to cis-females are likely “pervs” and are exhibiting “toxic masculinity.” They believe the death penalty—even for mass murderers—is cruel and barbaric, but that abortion is simply “women’s health care.”
To those on the left, the belief that anything—other than morality itself-- could be immoral…is immoral. Morality is a white male patriarchal construct you see. And that is beyond the pale.
Who are we to disagree?

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