Friday, August 7, 2020

Media Lying, Deranged

              Anyone who has been in a coma for the past few years and still doesn’t believe mainstream media outlets are blatantly, wildly biased against President Trump, need only pay attention to the past few weeks coverage of the coronavirus pandemic vis-à-vis large gatherings of people. When some law-abiding citizens peacefully protested the months-long lock-down orders in a few states, the media dragged out legions of so called “experts” from whatever dark, dank and damp places in which they normally reside to solemnly swear that these crazy rebels, “domestic terrorists” really, were going to be responsible for the deaths of untold thousands of innocents. They were labeled “selfish,” “petulant,” and flat-out “dangerous” to boot.
              However, when teeming masses of protesters and rioters took to the streets of America’s cities to break anything they didn’t steal-- and burn down buildings with the utmost impunity—these same media outlets never said a word about the potential spread of the coronavirus. In fact, they were rife with “experts” literally telling us that the wanton destruction of our cities by writhing swarms of thugs was a public health benefit, all things considered, and that we’d be racist to criticize them. No better than the vile lock-down protesters, actually. Take that!
             And then Trump announced he was going to restart his rallies.
 The very same media buffoons who had nothing but praise for dense throngs of rioters in the streets, looting and burning down private property, then said that the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was “dangerous” and “reckless.” Sound familiar? Those who wished to attend the rally must be monsters, they said. Yet they wouldn’t even dare to call the thugs, thieves and arsonists pillaging America’s cities-- and assaulting anyone who stands in their way-- “somewhat inconsiderate.” They are deranged.
Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is real. Demonstrably more so than anything with which the mainstream media tries to indoctrinate us. The media moron’s preposterous pivots and rank hypocrisy would be funny if not so damaging to the last, best hope of Earth. A free society truly needs a free and unbiased press/media. Unfortunately, we don’t have one. Historically, it is often the case that a tyrant, a despot, will take over the media as part of a broader plan of controlling a nation. In the case of the United States—and possibly a few other Western nations—the mainstream media is taking on the role of the tyrant, the despot. It is deliberately misleading, lying to, and brainwashing those whom it is supposed to serve. It cares nothing about them or the nation they inhabit. It feeds off kudos from its own. It exists solely for its own sake, its own power. It lauds itself as it attacks anyone daring to disagree with its agenda.
To its never-ending shame, it holds power, but will never speak truth to itself. Or anyone else.

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