Saturday, August 22, 2020

Previously Fired University Of California Students Rehired After Lawsuit

              The University of California-Santa Cruz has reinstated 41 graduate students who had previously been fired for refusing to grade undergraduate student work during a recent labor union strike. The graduate students had been withholding the grades of undergraduates as part of the strike. The university then gave them the option of either turning in the undergraduate students’ grades or facing dismissal. The school ended up firing 70 of the graduate assistants, causing the pink-slipped students’ union, UAW 2865, to sue the school for unfair labor practices. This eventually resulted in UCSC’s decision to reinstate 41 of the students.
              UAW 2865 subsequently posted a statement on Twitter celebrating the “historic win,” adding, “Make no mistake: when workers fight, they win. #1U.” Tony Boardman, one of the reinstated graduate students, remarked: “We have organized, and so many have organized in solidarity with us (for which we’re so grateful) to win our jobs back. If not for the setback of the pandemic we would surely have won much more. We have won here, but our comrades are still being disciplined, and we still can’t afford to live in the place we work. We say: drop the fucking student conduct and get the fucking cops off our campus. And of course: fuck you, pay us.” Of course. How touching and eloquent. Very fitting for such a graceless age.
Boardman’s comment unwittingly yet perfectly sums up Democrats’ attitude towards the “deplorables” in fly-over country: “Drop  any fucking codes of conduct, defund or disband the fucking cops, and, of course…fuck you…and pay us.”

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