Thursday, August 6, 2020

Professor Vows To Get Those With Whom She Disagrees Fired

              April Mustian, an incoming professor at Winthrop University who previously indoctrinated kids at Illinois State University, recently threatened to report to administrators any white K-12 teachers who dare to put up social media posts that she personally deems “pro-police anti-black rhetoric.” On April (coincidence?) 26th, she posted on Facebook that she would take screenshots of any such comments and use them to get educators with whom she disagrees fired, according to the Young America’s Foundation.  
              This is quite Stasi-esque, a fact of which the learned scholar is apparently unaware. Colleges and universities were instituted to expose students and faculty to different points of view and engage them in vigorous debate, the better to arrive at the truth…or at least a better understanding of opposing viewpoints and their genesis. But debate is gone now, true science out the window. Teaching young folks how to think is so yesterday. Teaching them what to think is far more beneficial to your cause if you are of a leftist bent. (And all leftists are bent.) Liberal good. Conservative bad. Government good. Business bad. Globalization good. Nationalism bad. All other countries good. America bad. LGBTQIIA+ good. Traditional mores bad. Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims good. Christians bad. Black man good. Orange man bad.
 And all of these bad people and things must be silenced, cancelled, fired, or killed.
 In the name of tolerance, equity and inclusion.

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