Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"Mermaid Queen-King" Spoke At DNC

A panel for the LGBTQ caucus meeting at the recent Democratic National Convention featured J. Mai, a staffer from Wake Forest University’s LGBTQ Center. Mai, who uses the plural pronouns they/them, identifies as a “Black-Vietnamese nonbinary/gender-transcendent mermaid Queen-King” who is “currently living out their ever-evolving truths in Winston-Salem,” according to their biography at Wake Forest. Got it? The same biography describes Mai as “a recently licensed minister in the Progressive National Baptist Church.” Apparently, Mai received their Bachelors in Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Wake Forest University and is currently working towards a Masters in Divinity at that august institution’s School of Divinity.
J. Mai spoke at the DNC early on Tuesday, August 18th. (I was—tragically-- otherwise engaged and did not get to see or here them live.) According to The Tennessee Star, Mai called for the abolition of police forces, prisons and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and said: “Why can’t folks imagine a world without the cops? Why can’t folks imagine a world without prisons? Why can’t people expand their imaginations to include community care, to include an abolitionist future?” And they made it clear they were talking about actual abolition, not some namby-pamby, garden-variety, “watered down” version, stating: “We’re talking about abolishing the police, we’re talking about abolishing ICE, we’re talking about abolishing prisons.”  
Allow me a few observations here. First off, I’m sure that Disney will soon release a movie titled “The Little Mermaid Queen-King” to be in keeping with the times. Secondly, it seems quite clear that the Progressive National Baptist Church has been living out its ever-evolving truths in the same manner our colleges and universities have, by denying that there is any objective truth at all. Next, Mai is apparently as fond of hyphenated words as they is of gender-transcendency. Five of them in a single biographical sentence is nothing short of mind-blowing.
Imagine a world without laws. Imagine a world without restrictions of any kind. Imagine a world without religion, shame or morals. Per John Lennon, it isn’t hard to do.
Coincidentally, I, too, have been living out my ever-evolving truths, and what I have come to realize is that a significant percentage of progressives want to abolish civility, competence, the Constitution, the rule of law, reason, sanity, reality, and truth. We’re not talking about a namby-pamby, garden-variety, watered-down transformation of America…but its utter destruction.
Speaking of “abolishing” things, when Lincoln abolished slavery, he did so to save the union and to see that it lived up to the better angels of its nature. Today’s leftists want nothing less than to abolish the principles-- and the nation-- that he saved.
In that case, we will all be non-binary, as between prosperity and poverty, hope and despair, freedom and bondage…and good and evil.    

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