Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Media Largely Ignores Worst Mass Shooting In The U.S. This Year

              At least 20 people were shot in the early morning hours of August 9th at a cookout in Washington, D.C. A 17-year-old was killed, and an off-duty police officer sustained life-threatening injuries when multiple shooters opened fire at the gathering in Southeast Washington’s Greenway neighborhood.  The event was attended by as many as 400 people. At least eleven of those shot were female. Apparently, a dispute broke out, leading to an exchange of fire. Authorities said they were hard-pressed to recall another incident when so many people were shot at once. Yet, incredibly, the mainstream media mostly avoided reporting on the biggest mass shooting in the United States this year. You see, the shooters weren’t police. And they weren’t even white. Ergo, nothing to see here.
              The Washington Post was compelled to report on the tragedy, if only because it is the hometown newspaper and people would have noticed had it, too, tried to bury the story. Stupefyingly, it chose to frame the story as one of lawlessness, not because of the murder and shooting of innocent people, but because most in attendance weren’t wearing facial masks. The paper’s report soberly noted, “The party and the tragedy that ensued revived questions about large gatherings that flout Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s order that prohibits groups larger than 50 people and requires those older than 2 to wear a mask when they leave home and are likely to come into contact with others.”
              The mayor indicated that police might now have to take a tougher stand against…those heinous criminals who flout the law and societal norms by openly attending cookouts mask-less. Police were aware of the impending event through an online advertisement and had been monitoring it. Authorities are now considering penalizing the promoters of the block party. Authorities appear to think the reason 20 people got shot was because they weren’t wearing masks to a cookout and defied the mayor’s mask order. It used to be that people wore masks only when they were planning to commit a crime. Attendees said that people were having fun for hours and that the gathering was peaceful…until it wasn’t. A “mostly peaceful” cookout, as it were. 
              More than 115 people have been murdered in the District of Columbia this year, a significant increase over this time in 2019, which was itself a decade-long high. D.C. officials have attributed some of the killings to disputes involving gangs but have also said that criminal suspects released from jail because of coronavirus concerns have contributed to the escalating violence. But then they also said that a gathering that size shouldn’t have been allowed. I mean, since they weren’t rioting, looting and burning down buildings. Officials said the number of people at the party made it a clear violation of Bowser’s orders to control the spread of the coronavirus and noted that violations carry fines of up to $1,000.
Mayor Bowser stated, of the brazenly mask-less cookout attendees (not the indiscriminate shooters), “It’s very important that as a community we have a zero-tolerance for this activity.” She also noted that, in the future, police will have to “break up these events,” and “the community is going to have to understand that some people may have to go to jail.” Cookouts are dangerous, you see. She added: “We know it’s summertime, people have been cooped up and they don’t have a lot of places to go. There have been cookouts that have happened peacefully for years and years that are spinning out of control.” Due to mask-less people, apparently. Even though every peaceful cookout she referenced “for years and years” was attended entirely by those without facial masks. Perhaps there is another reason cook-outs—and nearly everything else—seem to be spinning out of control. Like the collapse of morality, religion and the nuclear family maybe?
One D.C. Council member recognized that enforcing Bowser’s mandates would present challenges for the police, noting, “A block party is the ultimate community activity. That’s funny, I thought rioting was. The same council member said that those congregating across the District must recognize that mask-wearing and social distancing make a difference in the midst of a public health emergency. She said, “We can only hope that people will follow the instructions given out by the mayor and the health commissioner. Unfortunately, some people in this community think they are immune.”
Actually, some people—probably many—in D.C. are immune to the coronavirus. The same can be said for people around the country. “Herd immunity.”
Unfortunately, none of us are immune to the idiocy, hypocrisy, bias and tyranny of the elites who endeavor to enslave us.

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