Sunday, August 30, 2020

Virtue-Signaling Destroying Sports

Sports leagues are now cancelling and/or postponing games for every perceived injustice or slight. Soon, players will boycott games if someone in the country refuses to admit there are an infinite number of genders, or if someone riding light rail in Minneapolis calls an obese person “chubby.”
In the future, “non-essential” businesses will be shut down with regularity whenever a perceived “major health threat” comes along. Similarly, it appears sports leagues will shut down with any accusation of “injustice.” More accurately, with any accusation of injustice against the progressively protected members of society, such as people of color and those in the LGBTQ community. If a cis-gender white person in Indiana forgets to use an African-American transgender person’s preferred pronoun, the NBA will shut down for a month. Because, after all, no one wants to be just a world-class athlete anymore. Gotta be a social justice warrior. The more ignorant you are, the more you feel the need to appear up on the issues, hip, and morally superior to the great unwashed in flyover country.
But what if conservatives played this game, too…at least if there were enough of them to attempt to effect change…and if anybody in the media payed any attention to what they thought? What if players walked off the court or field because Nick Sandmann was unjustly and incorrectly accused of taunting a Native American, when the reverse was actually the case? What if a league cancelled a week’s worth of games because Tucker Carlson was being railroaded for something he didn’t say…or even imply? What if the NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL refused to ever play another game until taxpayer funded abortion was a thing of the past? Think about that. Preposterous? Yes it is. What does that say about our society?
Due to the facts that: a) progressives never rest, and b): most of those in positions of power are spineless money-grubbers, sports now has to be about more than just…sports…and entertainment. Which is why many no longer care to watch it. There is no escape, no respite, no sanctuary from politics and the grind of the everyday world now.
Soon romance novels, video games, spas, resorts, and fishing shows will all have to toe the leftist line and aggressively push the progressive agenda or risk being boycotted, marginalized, cancelled or abolished.
When the default setting of a society or entity is to “shut down” when facing any threat, injustice, or slight-- real or perceived-- that society is doomed to go the way of the dinosaur.
And how “progressive” is that?

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