Monday, August 10, 2020

Minneapolis City Council Members Disturbed By Protests On Their Property

Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins told KSTP-TV that there have been protests outside the homes of several city council members in recent weeks. Protests? Gasp! Now she’s noticed. Council member Lisa Bender even had her home vandalized. Can you imagine?! Bender said she has never witnessed this type of anger directed at the city council in her 16-year tenure at City Hall. She stated, "No, I have not seen any council member be concerned about their own personal safety, or the safety of their families. And I think a lot of council members are feeling that right now."
Note to Bender: so is everyone else in your city. That’s because you and your fellow council members essentially condoned the recent rioting when it was destroying everyone else’s property and lives. And because you voted to defund the police. Twice. What goes around comes around. Right?
Bender wasn’t the only council member aghast at the turn of events. Jenkins whined, "I do not feel as safe in my home as I did just three months ago.” Which is why she—and several other council members—have hired private security, courtesy of the taxpayers whom they are attempting to strip of police protection. Talk about “privilege.”
Jenkins further opined that the stress of COVID-19, the death of George Floyd and debate over whether to defund the Minneapolis Police Department have combined to give rise to a level of vitriol towards government she hasn’t heretofore experienced. She conveniently forgot to mention the part that the government’s response to these crises has played in citizen’s disgust with the ruling class.
Jenkins also bemoaned her workplace’s lack of insulation from the mob, saying: "Minneapolis City Hall is one of the only governmental buildings in downtown Minneapolis that does not have a security protocol. I mean, anyone can walk into our building at any time." Egads! The proletariat can enter the hallowed halls of government! She noted she’d like to see the edifice’s security beefed up. But surely not with the police that she is so bent on defunding and disbanding! Perhaps with an intimidating gaggle of social workers? A German Shepherd or two? A “Protected by ADT Security” sticker on a couple of windows? Maybe hang a “Gadsden Flag” on the front door?
The “woe is me” whining from our “public servants” in the rare instances when their own actions adversely affect them is nauseating to say the least, even if darkly humorous.

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