Saturday, May 8, 2021

Anti-Racist Day Care?


According to Campus Reform, Michelle DeJohnette, a San Diego Community College District adjunct faculty member, is now running an anti-racist day care facility. DeJohnette, who is currently completing a joint doctoral program in education at San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University, is studying “critical theory, culturally responsible pedagogy, anti-bias/anti-racist education, and issues of equity in early childhood education, focusing on preschool.” She is currently applying her knowledge of critical race theory and equity by attempting to teach it to toddlers at Village Kids Family Child Care in San Diego, where she is the director. The day care service’s Twitter and Facebook pages both provide resources discussing anti-racism in preschool education.

Speaking of education, here is the definition of “pedagogy”: the theory and practice of learning.

And here is the definition of “equity”: justice according to natural law or right; specifically: freedom from bias or favoritism.

Village Kids Family Child Care (or VKFCC as noted on its website) accepts kids aged from infants to about five years old. The theory and practice of teaching toddlers “critical theory, culturally responsible pedagogy, anti-bias/anti-racist education, and issues of equity” in a sane world would be this: don’t do it. Why instruct kids to be hyper aware of their own-- and their peers-- skin color before they are able to tie their shoes? “Teaching” them that there are two kinds of people in this world, oppressors and the oppressed, is itself a form of opression. It is likely to hinder or prevent their minds from dwelling on kids’ things and therefore from developing properly over time. Natural law is an important concept, but one that shouldn’t be taught in this context or at this age level.

Critical race theory, intersectionality and all the other leftist dogmas are antithetical to the concept of natural law/rights. They are based on…and directly lead to…bias and favoritism.

“Progressives” can’t wait to teach their perversions of reality and morality to young children. They want all-encompassing sex education in early grade school. They want drag queens to read to your kindergartners. And they want to start preaching “social justice” and “critical race theory” in pre-school.

What’s next? Anti-racist pre-natal care? Planned Parenthood pre-abortion classes to teach your never-to-be-born baby about systemic racism and the white, patriarchal society they will never see?

 “Before you terminate your fetus, teach it about intolerance and marginalization!”



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