Monday, May 31, 2021

A Tale Of Two University Clubs-- Communism Good, Liberty Bad


A Columbia University student group recently launched the “Columbia Communism Club,” an organization utilizing the school’s well-known crown as a symbol, albeit enhanced with the Communist hammer and sickle. The Ivy League bastion of higher learning’s newly formed club recently held its first meeting. The club even has an Instagram page, a post on which read: “Do you want to be a part of leftist discussion, engage in mutual aid, and better understand leftist theory? Join us today and be apart [sic] of the movement!” (Cut them some slack, they’re teaching leftist theory, not English grammar.) In ironically capitalist fashion, the club already is establishing its “brand,” with a social media tagline stating: “Bringing accessible theory to Columbia students – Workers of the world, unite!”


Communist theory—and practice-- has been quite “accessible” in the 100-plus years of its existence, too much so for the more than 100 million people who were exterminated by it in the 20th Century alone.


By contrast, Skidmore College’s student government denied official approval to a Young Americans for Liberty chapter and student leader Hannah Davis, calling the views of the group bigoted and hateful. Liberty is apparently deemed hateful by many, judging by their steadfast determination to impose or submit to mask mandates, vaccination decrees, lockdowns, and various other preposterous violations of personal liberty and autonomy.


A recent petition cleverly titled “Stop Skidmore College from Approving the Young Americans for Liberty Club” baselessly smeared YAL, saying it has a “proclivity to spread hatred” that “cannot be tolerated.” The petition also claimed, utterly without evidence, that YAL’s group application is a “reactionary response to students of color voicing their experiences and is an attempt to silence our voices.” No, the only attempt to silence voices is obviously coming from those behind the petition and the Skidmore College student government.


Skidmore officials hilariously claimed that free speech is protected on campus, except for “hate speech.” Speech that everyone loves and agrees with probably doesn’t need protection, does it? The right to free speech is specifically focused on speech which some could find offensive.


YAL’s Davis appealed the private liberal arts college’s student government’s denial in March, but the Student Government Association comrades remained heroically firm and inflexible in their opposition to the First Amendment, liberty, and the concept of dissenting viewpoints.  


The stark contrast between the ease with which the Columbia Communist Club came into existence and the trials the Young Americans for Liberty club has had to endure to get a Skidmore chapter approved is perfectly illustrative of the current culture in the U.S. under the Biden administration.

100 million non-Communists slaughtered? No problem! Believe in limited government and the existence of two sexes? Off to the Gulags you sick, Trump-supporting, cis-gendered, patriotic freaks!



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