Saturday, May 29, 2021

Everything Is Now Spam


I have been receiving far too many incoming phone calls lately arriving simultaneously with the warning, “Spam Risk.” The vast majority of these are spam. I am likewise bombarded by spam emails and text messages. The sheer volume of these attempted messages is staggering, and irritating, in that, even unanswered, they take up precious time to dismiss or delete.

Yet, this type of spam is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and similar in that it is the most obvious and therefore the least dangerous. We are now assaulted by spam 24/7/365.

Every minute of every day, other more insidious forms of “spam” are hurled at us in the guise of “news,” “education,” “entertainment,” “information,” and “public service announcements.” The likes of Brian Stelter, Brian Williams, Chris Cuomo, and Jake Tapper expectorate what should be universally seen as comically biased propaganda in a manner befitting the Sermon on the Mount. Social media sites are largely composed of spam, whether their users/consumers know it or not. Late night “comedians,” talk show hosts, Hollywood stars, movies, television shows, and leading sports figures continuously push banal woke messages on those who look to them solely for a brief escape from the workaday world. Nearly every message emanating from Big Tech, Big Business and Big government is now designed to shame the little people in flyover country into giving up ever more of their freedom. They do this while virtue-signaling, holding themselves up as the natural moral arbiters needed to control a bigoted, racist populace…snickering all the while as they consolidate their power. And our educational institutions, whether grade schools, middle schools, high schools, or colleges and universities, now hand out “lessons” in revisionist history, perverted science, and several other falsified and weaponized subjects like a giant institutional Pez dispenser on meth and steroids.

Every time Brian Williams speaks, a disclaimer should flash across our television screens stating, “SPAM RISK!” Every movie and television show should be made to warn viewers of the “SPAM RISK” with the opening credits. Every time a Big Tech CEO or a member of the Biden administration opens his or her (or “they”) mouth to speak, potential listeners should be forewarned of the imminent “SPAM RISK.” And every new textbook, education guide, or website used to instruct our children should be mandated to display, in large block letters, “SPAM RISK.” Yet the opposite is the case. Twitter, Snopes, et. al., always warn us that a Trump tweet or Fox News report is “unverified” and possibly misleading, but never even suggest we be a tad skeptical of an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweet or a CNN report. This is proof positive of their preposterous bias…and the dire need for the “SPAM RISK” disclaimer.

One of the sad realities of modern life is that truth is considered by many, especially elite “opinion shapers,” to be at least as dangerous as the coronavirus.

And it is. To them.


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