Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Tyranny Of The Big


 Big government allies with big business to the detriment of everyone else. This is a simple fact that everyone better start taking to heart. Crony-capitalists, high-powered lawyers, Hollywood studios/moguls, lobbyists, and Big Labor are all solidly and incestuously in this camp of the powerful. Big Education (where there are now more administrators than instructors) and the rest of Big Media sycophantically and symbiotically cuddle with Big Government even as they attempt to persuade, misinform and help regulate the rest of us. Individuals, small businesses and the middle class as a whole get walloped. Bigger isn’t always better, especially for the little guy.

  Worse, Big Labor, through Big Government, takes our taxpayers money and uses it to lobby those in government to give more to…Big Labor, even if it is expressly against our wishes. What’s more, much of the money they take from us goes into often slick but always deceiving/misleading ads and commercials to convince us to vote for those candidates and/or policies that are detrimental to us and the nation as a whole…but good for them in the near-term. Candidates and policies that always expand government’s- and its public-sector unions- power. Their power over us.

 The government responds to these factions that are “sophisticated” and wealthy enough to understand and utilize the government’s complexity for their own gain. Hence Democrats, largely responsible for the immensity and complexity of government, receive over 70% of lawyers’ political contributions, as well as the vast majority of contributions from those in Big Media, Big Education and Big Labor, of course. The largest U.S. companies, particularly the global giants, with no particular or unique love for the U.S. (after all, China, India, etc. are bigger or potentially bigger markets) are more and more flooding the Democratic coffers with cash. They are “too big to fail” and might need a government bailout at some point in the future.

 Starting to see the big picture? Angry yet?

 This is why the former community organizer Obama, not the famously wealthy Romney, carried 8 of America’s 10 wealthiest counties in 2012. And also why Trump’s message and policies resonated so well with working people in both 2016 and 2020.

 It is the Democrats that proclaim their love for the “little guy” that in reality piss all over the working class. It is the coastal elites that look down their noses at the rubes clinging to their God and their guns in fly-over country.

 True conservatives don’t promise everything to everybody outside of the “one percent.” They don’t promise to give everyone “free” healthcare and college educations, “free” birth-control and abortions, “free” breakfast, lunch and dinner, and freedom from responsibility and guilt.  They know that the money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is taxpayers’ paychecks.  If the administrators, professors and media-types, et. al., truly dislike the capitalist system and those who make good money, and really believe that education, etc., should be free, why don’t they simply volunteer…refuse to accept a salary?  Or at least take a pay cut? That way everyone could actually get as close to a free education, etc., as is realistically possible.

What a great idea! Right, educators? Well?

Thought so.

All conservatives promise is to give us back some of our freedom.                                                                                         

 And therefore our country.

 They don’t stand a chance against someone promising “free” birth-to-grave healthcare for our pets.

Come to think of it, I hope nobody actually picks up on that idea…they would likely win in a landslide.




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