Saturday, May 15, 2021

Vaccine Terrorism


Those on the left are increasingly aggressive in their insistence that each and every one of us, regardless of age or health, get vaccinated. Whether it’s the Biden Administration, Dr. Fauci, “educators,” or members of the lamestream media, if they are proponents of Big Government, they want us to present arms and take a dose…or two.


Recently, Sunny Hostin of "The View" said that Americans who don’t wish to be injected with a COVID-19 vaccine should be “shunned,” specifically calling out "white evangelicals" and "Republicans." As someone who has considered getting vaccinated, it is concerning to me who is demanding we all submit to getting jabbed. When the Joy Behars, Don Lemons, Brian Stelters, Chris Cuomos…and Sunny Hostins of the world are highly motivated to force others to do something, it should give all of us pause. The vaccines are fantastically effective they say, so It is especially odd that now that anybody who wants to get vaccinated can easily and quickly do so, that isn’t enough. Forget herd immunity, we all still have to wear masks, at least until every last American citizen has been inoculated. They have moved the goalposts so many times, the posts have long since exited the stadium.


Perhaps these “elites” truly are solely concerned with our health and happiness. Their track record does not inspire much hope that this is the case, however. They have habitually utilized The Tyranny of Fears to scare others into ceding them even more power. “If you all get vaccinated, things can return to normal…sort of,” they say. It is hard to fathom that the same people who jumped at the chance to take away our freedoms-- when they sensed that we’d let them-- now wish to set us all free again…sort of.


“Don’t be selfish,” they say, get vaccinated. Is it really selfish not to potentially expose oneself to blood clots, Bell’s palsy, menstruation and reproductive issues, and assorted other possible afflictions?


What ever happened to “my body, my choice?” Progressives are pro-choice when choosing to end another’s life for their own convenience, but entirely unwilling to grant others the autonomy to decide what, if any, potent drugs/serums/RNA tweakers they allow into their bodies, even though the long-term effects are currently unknown and unknowable.  Preposterous.


Moreover, if you refuse to comply with their wishes and remain unvaccinated, you may never have your freedoms reinstated.


Do these emergency vaccines alone legitimize the Constitution? Do our rights come from them? Or do the vaccines come from God?

What we really need is a vaccine that will inoculate us against the most dangerous pandemic of all: anti-American Derangement Syndrome (AADS.)

How would leftists react if we tried to force them to take that vaccine? 


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