Thursday, June 6, 2019

Drag Queen Story Time Strikes Again

                It was cold outside the Lansdale Public Library in Pennsylvania recently. But it was hot inside, honey! Miss Annie, drag queen extraordinaire, was reading books about tolerance and diversity to young children while dressed in “her” full regalia. It was Drag Queen Story Time, baby. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!
                When performing for adults, Miss Annie goes by “Annie Christ.” Get it? Like Anti-Christ? How adorable! (Wonder if she ever goes by “Mo Hammad” or “Ho’ Hammad?” Probably not). And Annie was pissed at a couple of people that were protesting her appearance in front of the kids. But she shouldn’t have felt bad, as more people were protesting the protesters. The counter-protesters held up signs that read, “Love is Love is Love” and “God Thinks Drag Queens Are Fabulous.” I’m not sure why the former was deemed appropriate or applicable in this instance. And I’m not sure I want to know. As for the latter, well, that is yet to be determined, as they say. Some folks chanted “Love thy neighbor!” for some reason. (Unless, of course, your neighbor voted for Donald Trump and/or wears a “MAGA” hat. Tolerance can only go so far). Two children chanted, “Stop your hate! Drag is great!” to those opposed to the Annie Christ. That these youngsters felt compelled to spout inane, politically-correct banalities in support of a much older man in provocative women’s clothing reading to their peers in a public space is proof positive that our education system is doing its job admirably. Dilly, Dilly!
                One counter-protester sported a sign saying, “God loves Annie Christ.” Stupefying.
                The library doesn’t host Bible story times or readings. Hell, it’s a public place. It can’t be pushing any kind of an agenda. And, it has to maintain its dignity, right? Sshh!

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