Thursday, May 27, 2021

Sports Illustrated Now Only Illustrating Wokeness


The Left ruins everything.

Television. Movies. Economies. Cities. Lives. Religion. Comedy. Sports. Everything. Literally everything.

 It does so in many insidious ways. It divides us with multiculturalism and critical race theory. It makes some groups bitter, envious, and indolent by telling them they are victims of other groups’ bigotry…and that there is nothing any of the groups can do about it. It revises history, changes language and restricts speech, all in an effort to restrict thought. It brandishes “wokeism” as a weapon and “cancels” those it dislikes. All of this has led to a more ignorant—and less fun—America.

The Left has recently rendered sports less a form of entertainment that can bring all of us together and more another vehicle to lecture and hector fans, in an attempt to hammer them into strict conformity of thought. We have all seen this with anthem protests, BLM messages, boycotts, etc., etc.

And now, even a once nearly revered sports publication, Sports Illustrated, has completely given in to the mendacious minority mob that demands all things be seen exclusively through the prism of race/class/gender/politics. Sports Illustrated, like nearly all mainstream media, has leaned left for many years, but has just recently completely abandoned all balance and objectivity in an apparently desperate—if puzzling-- attempt at virtue-signaling.

The June edition of the magazine featured stories on the WNBA, the NBA, the NFL (about a player who left the league), the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics (and its effect on women’s sports), and basketball again, with reference to Prince and his song “Purple Rain.”

I have nothing against basketball and nothing against Prince, who was talented and hailed from my home state. I think “Purple Rain” is a very good and emotional song.

But, for the second straight issue, there was no mention of the National Hockey League, though these issues came out just prior to and during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, one of sports most grueling and exhilarating events. This could not possibly be a simple oversight. Nor could it be a calculated Capitalistic reflection of relative popularity and therefore its effect on the magazine’s all important bottom line. Is the league too white?

Moreover, there was no article on Major League Baseball. Really? A June issue with not one feature on the erstwhile “America’s Past-time?” Will the magazine be banning references to apple pie and Chevrolet, too? I’m a Ford guy, but, as a prominent politician might say, “C’mon, man!”

The hyper-woke corporate heads of the New Oligarchy are pathetic sheep in politically correct clothing, far more afraid of what a vocal but vicious minority could potentially do to their companies profits than they are about the efficacy of the products they are ostensibly paid to produce.

Sports Illustrated used to have interesting special issues, including the “Sportsman of the Year” issue and the iconic if notorious “Swimsuit Issue.” “Sportsman of the Year” is, of course, right out, and has essentially been replaced by “Wokesperson of the Year.” The swimsuit issue now features overweight and “trans women,” and probably will soon sport photos of obese, transvestite, non-binary, genderfluid Communists involved in polyamorous relationships. Maybe there will even by a “Trans Species Issue” someday. We can only hope.

But the worst thing about the latest Sports Illustrated issue that showed up at my home was the cover. It featured three WNBA players, which wasn’t the problem, but also the big bold message: “NO EXCUSES: WHY IT’S TIME TO BUY IN ON THE WNBA (And why the reasons you haven’t are flawed).

Get it? If you don’t tune in to the WNBA, you are flawed. You are wrong if you don’t like watching the WNBA. We know better than you do what you should like and not like. You are probably a racist…and a sexist, as well!

Way to treat your readers, S.I. No wonder there are fewer and fewer of them as time goes by.

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