Sunday, May 16, 2021

Media Double Standard? What Double Standard?


To say the media has a double standard in how it treats conservatives and liberals is akin to saying the Third Reich treated Jews and Aryans unequally. Nowhere is this more obvious more frequently than on the giant social media cesspool called Twitter. Conservatives get banned for questioning election results or vaccination mandates, whereas progressives routinely—literally-- get away with calling for the death of conservatives or even white people in general. Suggest that Hydroxychloroquine or Zinc may be effective in treating COVID-19, like former President Trump did, and you get banned from the twitterverse. No matter that the American Journal of Medicine and numerous physicians now recommend taking HCQ and Zinc to help prevent or alleviate the effects of the coronavirus. Hell, I got put in Twitter jail—on two separate occasions-- for breaking community standards and Twitter’s rules of conduct for…well, I don’t even know, honestly. (Twitter once even claimed I posted something I didn’t post. Was I framed?)

Yet, Taylor Marie Maloney, recently championed by the ACLU of Virginia as the “first openly transgender and non-binary person” to be elected student body president of Virginia Commonwealth University, posted on social media that she hates white people and advocates for cop killing, according to screenshots of the comments published by the Post Millennial. Maloney, endearingly also a Communist activist, has posted such bon mots as “ur reminder to advocate for k*lling of k*ps,” “riot, riot, riot,” and “i hate white people so much its not even funny.”

Maloney received a request from the Post Millennial for comment and did not respond, but in a tweet wrote: “I did say all these things.” Journalist Andy Ngo reported that after a black nationalist used his vehicle in an attack on the Capitol, killing a police officer, Maloney took to social media to exclaim: “love this we need more of this.” Not offensive in any way, apparently.


Moreover, the ironically named Gabrielle Crooks, a student at Stanford University and member of that school’s student government, took to Twitter last summer to state, “Yes I think white people need to be eradicated…” Twitter’s response was, apparently, “So she advocated for genocide…big whoop. Lobbying for a holocaust against people solely because of their skin color isn’t really that bad, as long as their skin color is white.” In Twitter’s perverted view, publicly calling for the deaths of roughly 850 million people is not as egregious as, say, pointing out that there were numerous credible examples of malfeasance in the 2020 presidential election or wishing that Nancy Pelosi would suffer an ice cream headache from time to time.


Crooks’ student senate page biography states that she aspires to be a “human rights attorney” so she can “address racial violence.” Of course it does.

She is, apparently, seeking re-election to the student senate even as I write this. In her official candidate statement, Crooks accuses Stanford University of having “serious problems with regard to race.”


She is certainly right about that, but for reasons she probably can’t conceive.


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