Monday, May 24, 2021

Pelosi Enforcing Mask Mandates On House Members


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic accomplices instituted a rule several months ago authorizing stiff fines for any representative who refuses to wear a facial mask on the House floor. Members are to be fined $500 for a first offense and $2,500 for a second offense. (No word on if a third offense would require a wayward representative to forfeit his or her life savings, home, or first-born child.)

Despite CDC guidance and studies showing the relative ineffectiveness of masks in general, Pelosi and her aiders and abettors have chosen to ignore the science and keep the mask mandates, and punitive measures for disobeying them, in place. Three Republicans, of that rare breed who possess a spine, have already been fined $500 for defying Speaker Pelosi’s decrees: Reps. Beth Van Duyne (TX), Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA) and Brian Mast (FL). Mast lost both of his legs-- and a finger as well—while serving as an Army explosive ordnance disposal technician in Afghanistan, and so is probably neither cowed by Pelosi’s threats nor willing to cede control of his face to her.

Other Republicans who have reportedly been issued warnings include Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and Mary Miller of Illinois. Rep. Van Duyne, Rep. Miller-Meeks, Rep. Boebert, Rep. Taylor Greene, and Rep. Miller are twice the men that, say, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell are. And have bigger cajones, too. (Figuratively speaking. Don’t get too excited trans advocates and non-binary devotees.)  

Why do so many vaccinated people still choose to obstruct their breathing apparatus? Why do so many people wish to proudly and publicly tout their fealty to vassaldom and submission? These are not trifling questions. They go to the very heart of a pathetically spoiled and soft society that is increasingly dumbed down and faithless, and therefore increasingly scared and easily misled.

And what of the mask imperialists, the facial fascists, the colonizers of the mouth? What motivates them? (The vaccinated are protected, right?) It should be obvious. Control over the rest of us.

“My body, my choice” should be our motto. And, actually, it is only our bodies we are seeking sovereignty over, not a defenseless innocent inside of us.

But, thanks to the mainstream media, aka the enemy of the people, the tragically woke don’t have to acknowledge reality or truth…or anything but their own awesomeness. So they say to the rest of us: “Tremble at our awesome wokeness, cower at our omnipotent political correctness, genuflect towards our superior morality! Lay down before our righteous virtue-signaling! Give tribute to our godlike demeanor! Succumb to our irresistible authority! Swear a blood oath to diversity, inclusion and equity, all you reactionary worms clinging to your God and your guns!”

Unfortunately, the hypocritical, close-minded, intolerant tyrants who would permanently enslave us have control of every major societal institution.

There is only one way out for the rest of us. We must figuratively, literally—and permanently-- remove our masks, declining ever again to don them. We must laugh in the face of those who would continue to enslave us…even if we can’t see those faces as they are obscured by their owners’ disdain for transparency. And humanity.


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