Sunday, October 6, 2019

Students: Impeach Trump...For Some Reason

                Today’s college students are not noted for their awareness of-- and intellectual competency as regards-- current events, a fact continuously made clear whenever they are interviewed regarding same. To wit, Campus Reform’s Editor-in-Chief Cabot Phillips recently visited the campus of Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, asking students if they thought President Trump should be impeached, and, if they did, why. Turns out, every single student he interviewed did believe trump should be impeached. Also turns out, not a single one of them could cogently explain why.

                Here is a smattering of the “answers” he received:

*”Um, I’m sure there’s reasons that I don’t know of.” (Dude, I’m like sooo high).

*”Um, I don’t know if I can say any specific type of event or specific action.” (Dude, I’m like sooo high).

*”Um, well, I’m not that into politics. I don’t really pay that much attention to it.” (I play video games 13-hours a day).

*”Um, honestly, well, I think it’s a lot of, um, just how unpopular he is.” (Great point, Einstein)!

Here are additional reasons for impeaching Trump Phillips would have heard had he interviewed even more young scholars:

*”Um, he hates women and minorities…and clean air and water and, well, the Earth.”

*”Well, when the Moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars! So, I say…impeach the motherf**ker!!”

*”I mean, we have to, like, impeach him for his ‘thigh crimes and pissy demeanor,’ right?”

*”I don’t like his policies.”

*”I don’t like him.”

*”I don’t like his hair.”

*”A Democrat probably won’t win the upcoming election unless we impeach him. So, right or wrong, to save the democracy we have to do it.”

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