Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Poll Shows Young People Believe Humans Could Be Extinct Within Ten Years

                 A new Rasmussen poll shows that half of voters under 35-years-old believe it is at least somewhat likely that humanity will cease to exist within ten years, due to climate change. This despite the fact that non-viable tissue masses like Al Gore and Michael Moore have been predicting global catastrophe/planetary immolation for well over 20 years now. What the survey really reveals is the extent of the brainwashing being conducted in our schools-- by, of, and for—angry, entitled, anti-capitalist radicals bent on the destruction of Western civilization.
                According to the same poll, 53 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 believe combatting climate change will require more effort and sacrifice than fighting World War II. (Of course, 53% of those 18-34 think World War II is the title of a video game released in 2014). This dovetails nicely—by design—with progressives push for socialism and socialist policies to rule the day. In fact, a staggering 28% of the young people surveyed said capitalism must be eliminated in order to prevent an environmental apocalypse.
                Climate activists-- and now mainstream Democratic politicians, as well as the mainstream media-- have increasingly suggested that it is problematic if not immoral to have children given the world-wide climate crisis. And, sure enough, 33% of those 18-34, says the survey, favor limits on the number of children a government “allows” a family to have. Nothing frightening about that, is there? It should be government’s, i.e. other people’s, decision as to how many kids you can have, right? What was that about “my body, my choice?”
                Hell, maybe the child limit should be made retroactive. You have five kids in your family, but your government now says you can have only two? No problem! Sorry Bob, Melissa and Alice, but it’s assisted suicide (after-birth abortion) for the three of you.
                There are limits on the number of fish anglers can keep, why not on the number of kids they can have? Moreover, I think there should be slot limits on babies, too. If they are between 18 and 21 inches at the time of birth you are allowed to keep them, if not, throw them back…so to speak.
                Remember, the government knows what’s best for the fish, your kids……and you.

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