Saturday, October 26, 2019

Criminalizing Ridicule

                The University of Connecticut recently arrested a couple of students under a law that criminalizes ridicule, the College Fix reported. Ridicule. Is that worse than “misgendering” someone? What if the students had ridiculed someone’s gender? Might they have gotten life in prison?
                Ridicule criminalized. Jokes seen as weapons. It’s a Monty Python world in which we live. Where is this ever more dystopian society headed? Perhaps here:

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
San Francisco, California

Judge: “The plaintiff may speak now.”

Plaintiff: “Your honor, this man tried to, to…(breaks down)……well, he teased me! He said I lack a sense of humor! He…made a joke!”

Judge (to defendant): “And how do you plead?”

Defendant: “Not guilty…by reason of inanity, your honor! (chuckles softly)”

Judge: “That’s not funny! Jokes are no joking matter! And did you use trigger words?”

Defendant: “Trigger words, your honor?”

Judge: “Yes, you know…non-inclusive words, words that could make someone feel unappreciated, unrecognized or invalidated. What are your trigger words?”

Defendant: “Trigger words.”

Judge (irritated): “Yes, yes! Surely you must have some!”

Defendant: “’Trigger words’ are my ‘trigger words,’ your honor. And don’t call me Shirley. So, I guess that’s one, too.”

Judge: “That does it! I’m throwing the book at you!”

Defendant: “It wouldn’t by any chance be the Book of Love, would it, your honor?”

Judge: “Now I’m sentencing you to the electric chair!”

Plaintiff: “Yeah! Fry him for his intolerance and non-inclusiveness!”


Remember, kids: Be careful what you say. In 2019 America, humor is not a laughing matter!

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