Thursday, October 3, 2019

"Illegal" Now Illegal In New York

                Incredibly, the term “illegal”… is now illegal in New York City, at least when it is used to refer to an “illegal alien,” a term that is also now illegal, in a less than positive light. Doing so would be considered “unlawful discrimination” according to the New York City Commission on Human Rights. (Apparently, it is also illegal to use the term “illegal discrimination”).
                Those who violate the law would be subject to fines up to $250,000. Would those who refer to the actions of those who break this law as “illegal” be subject to the same penalties and fines? Hmm? Inquiring minds want to know.
                The NYCCHR released 29 pages of new, politically-correct guidelines recently, guidelines which also include prohibitions against discriminatory behavior towards “someone because of their accent, English proficiency, or use of another language.” Or threatening to call ICE on someone. In other words, threatening to call ICE on an illegal alien undocumented immigrant would be illegal. Cough up the quarter million dollar fine, Beelzebub.
                New York’s Deputy Mayor Phil Thompson released a statement saying in part: “This new legal enforcement guidance will help ensure that no New Yorker is discriminated against based on their immigration status.” Bravo! We can’t afford to discriminate against someone just because they broke the law! Where would we as a society be if we did that?
                I don’t think this new guidance goes far enough. I think terms like “unlawful,” “criminal,” “illegitimate,” and “unauthorized” should be verboten, as well.
                Progressives like to say that “No human being is illegal.” We can choose to engage in their non-sequitur fest and say that no human being is immoral, either, but this is just wrong. While no human being can be described in their totality by an adjective, there are plenty of illegals in America. And an ever-growing number of folks who are immoral. (For proof, look no further than the Democratic Party).

                Then there is this definition of illegal:

                “Illegal (noun): a person present in a country without official authorization.”

                This is, apparently, a concept alien to progressives.

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