Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Gender The New Race In Canada

            Whoa, Canada!
The Ontario Provincial Police force recently announced that it will no longer release the gender of either perpetrators or victims of crimes, so as to “be progressive in the change of times.” The OPP says it will no longer need driver’s licenses or other documentation to specify a person’s gender, as it will not be assuming gender at all. Everyone will be referred to in a gender-neutral manner. The force will use more generic terms such as “the individual,” “the accused,” or “a person of interest” to comply with its self-imposed wokeness.
A review of legislation found that the Police Services Act does not require information regarding a person’s gender to be made public. The police will retain the option to release a suspect’s gender, but even in that case the information will subsequently be expunged from news releases.
I can’t wait for news releases stating: “An individual has been accused of raping a person outside of a building in Manhattan a New York borough.”
The disease of Political-Correctness has made it harder and harder to convey accurate information. We have allowed this mania to make us pretend, obfuscate and obscure. And then pretend this is a good thing. Reality must be hidden. The truth be damned. We can’t use race to describe a criminal. Now we are dispensing with gender, as well. How can we get even vaguer and less useful? We must prohibit the release of a perpetrator’s or victim’s age, height, weight, attire and other identifying characteristics! Perhaps we can ban the assumption of species, too. But remember to use their correct pronouns!
“The being of interest in the recent rape of a highly-developed mammal outside of a building in a New York borough has pleaded not guilty by reason of ‘an unjust society made me do it.’ Xir is requesting that xir be compensated in the amount of $100 million—American-- for the ‘mental anguish a deeply unjust society has inflicted upon Xirself.’”

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