Thursday, October 31, 2019

Appropriate Halloween Costumes 2019

                Fall is here. The time of year when little people show up at our doors begging for handouts. No, I’m not talking about politicians prior to election day. I’m talking about Halloween! And that’s why I’ve written this post. I want to remind you all not to dress up as anything you aren’t this year. No blackface, no Sombreros, no Native-American headdresses, no cowboy outfits at this weekend’s parties. NO APPROPRIATION! Remember, cultural appropriation IS INAPPROPRIATE! And offensive! So, no ghost or goblin outfits, no witch costumes, no pagan attire, no Antifa get-ups and, for Heaven’s sake, no dressing up as your favorite CNN or MSNBC journalist/host/anchorperson!
                I myself am going as an aborted fetus, ha, ha! Or should I say as “women’s health care?” I’m just going to wrap myself in a gender-neutral, ketchup-stained blanket and glue a few small, fake body parts on it. VoilĂ , a progressive and politically correct costume—and work of art! And I’ll donate all the candy (or cash) I collect to Planned Parenthood! Nothing scary about that!
                Until next time, peeps, when I will explain why “Thanksgiving” should be replaced by “Condemnation Day.” Peace out.

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