Monday, October 14, 2019

Air Canada Bans "Ladies And Gentlemen"

                Air Canada employees will no longer use the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” when greeting guests or in boarding announcements. In an effort to be respectful of gender fluidity, flight attendants, pilots, and other staff will now be instructed to use only neutral words such as “everybody” to refer to the company’s guests.
                A media spokesperson for Air Canada noted that the company was named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2019 and stated: "We will be amending our onboard announcements to modernize them and remove specific references to gender. We work hard to make sure all employees feel like valued members of the Air Canada family, while ensuring our customers are comfortable and respected when they choose to travel with us." The Great White North goes to great lengths to accommodate all forms of gender expression and identity, even protecting them under its criminal code.
                Examples of approved words and phrases include, “Attention all Homo Sapiens (and your support animals), flight 331 for Copenhagen is now boarding at Gate 22,” “one and all,” “all and sundry,” “Peoples of the Earth, welcome aboard,” “whosoever,” and “Yo, bitches and mofos, how ya’ all been?”

                The spokesperson said the company has not yet decided whether to amend “Fly The Flag,” its long-time slogan, to “Fly The LGBTQ Flag.” 

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