Tuesday, October 22, 2019

NFL Fined Player For Wearing Headband Stating "Man Of God"

                The National Football League recently fined New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis $7,000 for violating the league’s “personal message” rule. Davis had the temerity to wear a headband with the phrase “Man of God” on it, thereby breaching the NFL’s policy regarding what can be worn on--  or with-- official team uniforms. The league told Davis that if he wore the offending headband again, he would be fined double what he was the first time, or $14,000. Keep in mind, Davis has to wear a helmet the entire time he is on the field, making his headband invisible to all. It was when Davis took off his helmet while giving a pep talk to his teammates—on the sidelines—that the headband became visible and triggered the fine.
                Davis said of the fine, “Nobody wants to lose money, but I think any time that the conversation about God is brought up, especially in these times, I think it's always a positive or silver lining.” Apparently, kneeling for the national anthem is perfectly acceptable behavior to the NFL, as is “trash-talking” on the field. Quietly acknowledging God, however, is beyond the pale.
                It’s a good thing Davis wasn’t seen sporting a “MAGA” hat or he would’ve been banned from the league for life.
   The NFL has since rescinded the fine, yet Davis donated the entire amount to a local hospital. Moreover, Davis and his teammates came up with the idea of marketing “Man of God” headbands which, through sales proceeds and matching donations, have raised over $120,000 for that local Mississippi hospital.

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