Sunday, October 13, 2019

San Diego City College Hosts White Supremacy Seminar

                San Diego City College recently hosted a white supremacist seminar, during which it handed out various “educational” materials to attendees, including “white supremacist pyramids.” The festive extravaganza was titled, “Confronting White Supremacy Through the Arts,” and was hosted by Michelle Chan and Dr. María José Zeledón-Perez, co-directors of the World Cultures program at SDCC. Campus Reform photographed a promotional flyer for the event, which read: “Come join us in confronting White Supremacy through students’ performances. Prior to the performances, guest speakers will set the stage and contextualize what white supremacy is, its areas of activity, and how rampant it is in our society, curriculum, mindsets, and media.”
                I don’t know about you, but I’m going to make my reservations early for next years seminar! I can’t wait to hear the instructors say, “Now please reach under your seats and pull out your white supremacy pyramids.”
                The afore-mentioned white supremacy pyramids (not to be confused with the government’s “food pyramids”) rank Caucasian command on scales of “Overt White Supremacy” and “Covert White Supremacy.” The pyramids helpfully show that the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis and use of the n-word are to be considered overt supremacy and therefore utterly unacceptable.
                Examples of the somewhat less heinous covert supremacy, per the pyramids, include cultural appropriation, racist mascots, Columbus Day celebrations, paternalism, and brandishing the slogan “Make America Great Again.” “Euro-centric curriculum,” “claiming reverse racism,” and “funding schools locally” are also listed as tools of white supremacists. Believing we are somehow “post racial” is another example of white supremacy, as is the belief in pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, aka the “bootstrap theory.” And anyone uttering the phrases, “Don’t blame me, I never owned slaves” or “we’re just one human family” is worthy of naught but our most strenuous condemnation. Yet another example of white supremacy, the pyramids make clear, is saying-- of something you said— “It’s just a joke.”
                “Confronting White Supremacy Through the Arts?” That is a joke. And it’s on progressives, whether they wish to confront that fact or not.

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