Friday, June 29, 2018

True Diversity

                If gender is moot and simply an option anyone can easily choose or select, why aren’t more women men? More specifically, why aren’t more women gay men? I mean, diversity is always good, right? This would greatly add to society’s diversity. As would more men becoming lesbian women. How cool would that be?! It’s the dawning of a New Age. In fact, it may be a re-dawning of The Age of Aquarius. That thought should make your hair stand up, and your memories of the musical Hair stand out. But, I’m not settling for a Fifth Dimension, baby, I’m looking for a Sixth Dimension. There are no limits, no rules, no constants! “Objective truth” is a lie created by reactionary squares, man! “Reality” is a mythical concept the CIA projected into people’s brains in order to control the masses! Isn’t it obvious?! Moon landing, my ass!
                I’ll be a woman when I damn well want to be, a man when it suits me, elderly if it means the tickets will be cheaper, but always young at heart. I will be a bisexual, transgender, polyamorous unicorn and fly around unhindered, educating the masses on tolerance and global warming! I will…….oh, crap…I think I’m coming down now. Bummer. That was a good trip.
                Objectively, wouldn’t true “diversity” have to encompass and embrace some things that aren’t very diverse at all? If not, wouldn’t it be a false diversity? A homogenous diversity, so to speak? And, that would be a moron’s oxymoron, would it not?
                I guess that’s why the left objects to words like “objective” and “truth.”

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