Monday, June 4, 2018

Bill Clinton Compares Himself To JFK

                Former President Bill Clinton appeared on NBC’s “Today” show recently-- along with preposterously prolific author James Patterson-- to promote the newly released political thriller “The President is Missing” that the two purportedly co-wrote. Asked by NBC’s Craig Melvin if he would have resigned over his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky if it had occurred at the height of the #MeToo movement in 2018, the erstwhile Philanderer-in-Chief said he would not have, bizarrely saying: “I think I did the right thing, I defended the Constitution.” Bubba noted that, despite “all these serious allegations against the current occupant of the Oval Office…his voters don’t seem to care.” He did not mention that any and all allegations of Trump impropriety were directed at alleged acts that (may) have occurred years before he was in elected office, while Slick Willie cheated on his wife by engaging in kinky sex—with an intern-- while he was actually in the Oval Office…and, in at least one case, likely on the phone with a foreign leader.
                When Clinton was subsequently asked if President Trump has been given a pass when it comes to Stormy Daniels, he remarked, “No. But it hasn’t gotten anything like the coverage you would expect.” The only way Stormy Daniels and her shady lawyer, Michael Avenatti, could have gotten more air time from CNN and MSNBC, et. al., would be if those networks literally had them host every single one of their shows, 24/7. And that would only have added a few minutes a day to their airtime. Kimba Wood, a federal judge, actually warned Avenatti about the length and breadth of his “publicity tour” recently.
                When Clinton was asked if he feels responsible for pain Lewinsky has suffered, he coyly replied “I felt terrible then, and I came to grips with it.” Meaning he felt terrible for himself and came to grips with Lewinsky’s pain…among other things. Melvin proceeded to ask him, “Did you ever apologize to her?” Slick responded, “Yes. And nobody believes that I got out of that for free. I left the White House $16 million in debt.”   So, in answer to a question about apologizing to a young intern for taking advantage of her, Clinton emphasizes that he was millions of dollars in debt when leaving the White House. “Poor, poor pitiful me.” He was certainly morally bankrupt, then as now.
                In yet another odd remark, Clinton stated he had a sexual harassment policy when he “was a governor in the ‘80s.” Quite so. His policy was to harass as often as possible and hope he was never held accountable for his actions. In reference to the Lewinsky scandal, and channeling his best Monty Python imitation, Clinton attested that he’d already “apologized to everybody in the world.” Which naturally led the NBC News reporter to inquire if he had apologized directly to Lewinsky. Clinton replied that he publicly said-- on more than one occasion-- that he was sorry, before allowing that he had “not talked to her,” about that. Melvin then retorted, “You don’t think a private apology is owed?” The Great Prevaricator then asked Melvin if he thought Presidents Kennedy and Johnson should have resigned. Am I sensing a theme here? Clinton, Democrat. Kennedy, Democrat. Johnson, Democrat. Ad infinitum.
                Finally, in a truly spectacular display of prevarication, Clinton averred that impeachment hearings would already be in full swing if a Democrat were in the Oval Office.
                Neither JFK nor LBJ was impeached. Clinton himself was not forced to leave office despite numerous creditable allegations of rape and assault, and his own admittance of improper relations “with that woman” in the White House.  The only thing Democrats could possibly impeach Trump for is for being…Trump. And that would be unconstitutional, and therefore  itself a crime.

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