Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Tolerant Young Democratic Socialists

                The Young Democratic Socialists at the University of Georgia seem to be oddly intolerant of Republicans in Congress, even though they haven’t done much to roll back the Obama era’s socialist policies.  In response to a college professor who declared that GOP members should be “lined up and shot” if they passed a bill replacing Obamacare, the budding Marxists tweeted: “This is absolutely outrageous! House Republicans should NOT be shot! They should be guillotined.”
                However, after one commenter pointed out that the guillotine might be a “more humane” way to execute Republicans, one of the Young Democratic Socialists replied, “If that’s the case, then maybe I should reconsider.”
                Remarkably, this was apparently not the only reference to guillotines on the group’s Twitter page. At the time of the post, there was reportedly a photo at the top of the page depicting a beheading, presumably, according to theblaze.com, from the French Revolution.
                The organization made it clear via its website that the Young Democratic Socialists was a recognized student group at the school, and indicated that it “works with local, state, and national organizations to raise awareness about important social and economic issues and to address them through direct action. Our members are engaged in a wide variety of activities and causes. We are associated with the youth chapter of Democratic Socialists of America.”
                The School’s police department investigated the matter, and the issue was also referred to the Office of Student Conduct. The organization’s Facebook page states that the group has been renamed the Athens Democratic Socialists of America, and that it is distancing itself from the university: “Recent events have made clear that the only way forward is through the democratic will and revolutionary spirit of our members and community. The Young Democratic Socialists student group at the University of Georgia has voted unanimously to distance itself from UGA and restructure its platform to meet the needs of its members and the larger Athens community.”
                Self-proclaimed tolerant and inclusive entities such as the Mainstream Media, Silicon Valley, Big Social Media, Hollywood, and the rest of so-called academia are okay with statements like Republicans should be “lined up and shot,” or “guillotined,” whichever is less humane.
 Just don’t attempt to claim men and women are different! That kind of hate speech is inexcusable, and grounds for termination in our Brave New World. And, of course, by termination I mean they should be lined up and shot.
(According to David Littman, founder of the Young Democratic Socialists, the controversial tweet was intended as a joke and should never have been taken literally. Yes, socialists are renowned for their sense of humor).

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