Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Politics Of Politics

            Sadly, everything is politics now. You open the paper to the ‘A’ section, and it’s all politics, of course. The comics? Much of them are now political, too. We can thank Gary Trudeau and Doonesbury for that. The local section? Mostly politics. Opinion? Politics. The variety section? Lots of political blather. And now the sports section…politics. 
Nearly all of entertainment is politics and it’s much of what the entertainers themselves opine about. Television, movies, so-called comedians…mostly politics most of the time. Music, too, has gotten heavily politicized. Schools indoctrinate our kids from an early age on, until this reaches a staggering climax at colleges and universities, nearly every one of which is engaged in an unending orgy of leftist, anti-capitalist, mental masturbation.
Politics everywhere you turn, all dominated by the leftists that comprise the mainstream media, academia, and entertainment industries. Big Religion has completely lost its way, as well, altering or disowning any and all previous tenets and ethics. It has decided that, rather than acting as a moral beacon shepherding us toward the Pearly Gates and eternal life, it should simply tell us all two things: One, “If it feels good, we’ll bless it,” and two, “Rich, white businessmen are the source of the world’s woes and need to repent…and repay…pass the collection plate.”  Which leads us to…Big Business.
The largest companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and You-Tube, have also decided that all their customers need to be appraised of how ideologically pure they are, and how worried they are that many of their customers might actually be bigots, racists, homophobes and-the-like, unworthy of their peerless virtue.
And now the NFL and other sports leagues are getting in on the action. Protests, messages, and equally ignorant and arrogant exhibitionism are the order of the day. Players are attempting to grab the spotlight not by performing their craft at a high level, or even by coming up with goofier and goofier on-field “celebrations” of their incredible exploits, but by specifically targeting the playing of the National Anthem as the time to show off their political-correctness. 
People attend sporting events to be entertained, not to be hectored and lectured. There is no longer any place the average person can go to escape stress and get away from the issues of the day. Courtesy of those who disdain the red, white and blue. Ironically, as we have become more ignorant, we have projected politics into ever more areas of life.
  If an entertainer, a sports league, a college, a news outlet, or a church for that matter, could provide entertainment, education, or spiritual guidance free of oppressive political baggage, he/she or it would likely be extremely successful, indeed.

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