Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cisgender Women Versus Trans Women

                A writer for Inside higher Ed, an online publication, recently reported on the intersection of transgender politics and philosophy courses in higher academia…or rather the lack of intersection between them. She asked: “If there are inherent differences in interests between cisgender women and trans women, why aren’t academics debating them?” The writer quotes Kathleen Stock, a philosophy professor at the University of Sussex in England, who recently wrote, “Beyond the academy, there’s a huge and impassioned discussion going on, around the apparent conflict between women-who-are-not-transwomen’s rights and interests, and transwomen’s rights and interests. And yet nearly all academic philosophers—including, surprisingly, feminist philosophers—are ignoring it.”
                Stock believes that part of the problem is “fear of being labeled transphobic for asserting that there are important differences between cisgender women and trans women—what is called the ‘gender-critical’ position.” At the risk of being labeled “transphobic” myself, I will tell you that there are important, indeed critical, differences between the two groups. “Cisgender” women are women, “trans” women are men. Period. Members of the first group have natural breasts and vaginas, those of the latter typically sport penises and scrotums. The former possess two “X” chromosomes, the latter have one “X” and one “Y” chromosome. They are distinctly different at the molecular level. This is why human reproduction/life is possible.
                Strip all the bark off an oak tree and wrap elm tree bark around it, rip all its leaves off and staple or glue elm tree leaves to it…and it’s still an oak tree. Period. The science is actually settled on this topic, unlike with global warming. See how easy this is?
                Yet, the LGBTQ “community” and progressive academics chose to invent a meaningless new modifying prefix, “cis,” to tell us all that the word to which it’s attached means what it means, and a meaningless new adjective, “cisgender,” to state the same thing. Talk about the “Department of Redundancy Department!”
                Cisgender. Cisoak. Cisdumb-ass. Ciscisgender. Where the hell will this stop? It won’t, as long as the overwhelming majority are somehow terrified of standing up for logic and reason.
 It is stunning how successful a small minority of “progressives” and leftists have been in this regard, until one realizes that good people are predisposed to be kind, accepting, considerate, and tolerant. Therefore, they are remarkably easy marks for those professing to be “open-minded” and “tolerant,” but who are actually the new totalitarians.

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