Saturday, June 23, 2018

Gender Gaps

                There has been much talk lately of the “gap” between the number of men and women in technology fields. Several people have been ostracized for saying that the gap might have something to do with men and women typically preferring different fields of endeavor or having different skill sets. A Google employee was fired for saying just that. Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has been taken to task over similar beliefs. Most recently, Stuart Reges, a professor at the University of Washington, provoked a furious and immediate backlash for having the temerity to tell The Seattle Times: “Men and women are different, and they make different choices.”
                Egads! Has the man no shame? What was he thinking? He probably wasn’t thinking at all, right?
                Prior to this, many progressives were concerned about the “gender-gap” in pay, or the unequal number of men and women in governorships, professional sports…or the mafia.

And now, some progressives are stewing over the genitalia “gap,” the fact that far more men than women sport penises. Obligingly, Dr. Iva Boner, professor of anatomy at the University of California-San Francisco, recently stuck his hand inside the beehive by saying that this gap likely exists because “Men and women are different.” He noted: “Virtually all men have penises, whereas virtually all women have vaginas. This gap would appear to be attributable to some sort of innate difference between men and women.”
Professor Boner was threatened with physical violence-- and kicked out of a restaurant-- for his intemperate remarks. The university promptly fired him and insists it will “sever all ties with those who hold bigoted and perverted views of this nature.” 

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