Friday, June 22, 2018

Repeal The Second Amendment?

                The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has suddenly come under attack from progressives, young kids, and other historically ignorant emoters. Schools, television programs, talk radio, and websites are filled with talk of—and debate about—gun control. “Should the Second Amendment be repealed” is a common question on social media and on sites such as
                I happened to stumble across a young woman’s answer to precisely that question recently.  She replied to the heretofore irrational question via Snapchat. This was her response…verbatim.
                “Yes, I’m for gun control, because personally, as a woman, one day I’d like to have as many rights as your guns do.” That is at once one of the funniest and saddest things I’ve ever heard spoken. So, you’re telling us that you’d like to wave your rights to citizenship? That you would prefer to be banned from 90% of all retail outlets and public places? That you’d like to be owned and considered property? In that case, perhaps, if you are petite enough, your owner could get a permit to carry you around…if you remained completely concealed.
   Oh, and, as a woman, you have the (federally-funded!) right to kill small people, something legal firearm owners frown upon, and for which anyone possessing a gun would be prosecuted.
                This type of comment reveals the sad state of our educational system, as well as the immense, systemic bias—and hypocrisy-- of the mainstream media and social media outlets. (The same media outlets that traffic in the most grotesque and graphic violence imaginable, from “if it bleeds, it leads,” to Grand Theft Auto and ISIS beheadings).
                Like lemmings towards a cliff, we are following our politically-correct progressive masters to our own demise. Repeal the Second Amendment? Why not? Colleges and universities have already effectively repealed the First Amendment. We have essentially “repealed” the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule. Hell, we’re even trying to repeal history.
                Western nations are playing the world’s largest and most dangerous Jenga game, methodically removing each and every block comprising the foundations of their societies, while wondering why they are increasingly unstable.  This, in turn, puts the whole world in jeopardy.
                Most people have heard of the phrase, “A momentary lapse of reason.” It appears we have embarked on a permanent lapse of reason.
                And, where there is no reason, there can be no freedom.

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