Saturday, June 30, 2018

Craven Images: The Descent Of The West

Western society is coming apart. Nowhere is this clearer than in its culture, and culture drives everything. It is the window to a nation’s soul. Compare, for example, the television shows of roughly 50 years ago to today’s offerings. Back then, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Father Knows Best, and Leave It to Beaver were popular, and broadly beloved by their many viewers.
Now, the most popular show on television features, as a significant plotline, a brother and sister who have sex. G.O.T. incest?  No longer do we believe in big things like “bonanzas,” no longer do we see a limitless West, no longer do we identify with Westerns. We have lost our virility, figuratively and literally, as evidenced by declining fertility rates and sperm counts. Gunsmoke couldn’t be made today. None of the main characters were gay or transgender…and it featured guns! Father Knows Best would be considered a hate crime today, #MeToo. Leave it to Beaver would be a lesbian porno documentary.
            Things that were unthinkable just a few years ago are now mainstream. Homosexuality was first to come off the list of mental disorders, soon to be followed by gender dysphoria. Today, gay marriage is fully sanctioned and sanctified, the law of the land. Men who prefer to identify as women are allowed in women’s restrooms and locker rooms. Progressives don’t care if 95% of the population is made extremely uncomfortable by this, so long as they are accommodated. We are evermore detached from reality in ways incomprehensible to a rational person. Every gay, lesbian, or bisexual man, woman, child, or person of indeterminate age and/or gender is immensely proud of their little sexuality subset, but equally indignant about those dastardly straight, white, Christian males. False idols are worshipped, as graven images come down. Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ© are put on pedestals, while statues of Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee are removed.
            Progressives disdain science when it is demonstrable fact, as in the existence of two sexes, but worship “science,” as in the recognition of global warming, though the data and statistical analysis is all over the board, anything but settled, much like the weather has always been going back to the beginning of time.
            Yet, on the flip side, Islam is ascendant. Far fewer Americans identify as Christians or attend church religiously than did a couple of decades ago. As more and more Catholic and Protestant churches close, more and more Mosques are being built.
            We have taken the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and prayer out of public schools and arenas and replaced them with Rap music and gender fluidity.
And so, in Florida recently, five people—four minors and an adult-- taunted a man as he was drowning in a pond. They didn’t try to help him. They were too busy mocking him and recording a video of his struggles. The onlookers shouted things like, “We not gonna help your ass!” and “Ain’t nobody’s gonna help you, you dumb bitch! You shouldn’t of got in there!” The man cried out before his head went under for the last time and the life went out of him forever. The chroniclers were amused. One said, “He just died!” through his laughter. Another said, “Yeah, he dead, but he gone. RIP!”
The left has become unhinged. Society has been stripped of its underpinnings. We are unmoored, adrift in a sea of meaninglessness and ennui. For many, a cowardly unease has set in. We have allowed tolerance and good will to overwhelm dignity, sanity, and self-control. All that is—or has ever been—needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. We in the West are very close to losing it all.
            Every day, every year, conservatives cringe and bear it. Culture moves in only one direction, no matter who is in power. Radical leftists—socialists—have wrested control of the Democratic Party. Anyone that supports traditional values is now openly mocked, shouted down or silenced. Members of the Trump administration are harassed, verbally and physically assaulted in public spaces. We’ve gone from “Camelot” to asking--- on a daily basis—which members of the president’s team have been evicted or chased from what restaurant.

           Bizarrely, Western society no longer even believes in… itself.

We fiddle.

           Rome burns.

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