Sunday, June 3, 2018

California Bans Travel To Oklahoma

                Californians who work for that state’s government will be banned from traveling to Oklahoma, in any official capacity, effective June 22nd. The reason? Oklahoma had the audacity to pass a law forbidding state adoption agencies from permanently placing children with same sex couples. This law is in contravention to a California law that prohibits state-sponsored travel to states that “discriminate” based on sexual or gender identity.
                The San Francisco Chronicle reported that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the travel ban, stating: “Our taxpayer dollars do not fund bigotry. No exceptions.” That statement is complete bullshit, as the ban itself is obviously blatantly bigoted against those with traditional moral and religious beliefs. How many of California’s bizarre laws might Oklahomans object to? Much of the country detests The Golden Showers State’s sanctuary laws that allow illegal aliens to flout federal laws, while potentially being granted access to driver’s licenses and free health care and education. Yet, Oklahoma doesn’t prohibit its employees from going to California.
  California forces its taxpayers to fund infanticide, illegal immigration, sexual perversity and gender chaos, just to name a few of its key programs.
              Most states haven’t yet legalized marijuana, but I don’t recall any of them banning travel to California. In Blythe, California, a person is not allowed to wear cowboy boots unless he or she owns at least two cows. Not a single Midwestern state has banned it governmental workers from traveling to California because of this. No state is more inflexible and bigoted, or less tolerant than The Land of Fruits and Nuts. No other state is as opposed to free speech and freedom of thought. No other state is so opposed to the founding principles. No other state is as hostile to the Ten Amendments.
              Someday soon, The Land of (Breast) Milk and Honey (pots) will only allow its throngs of government workers to travel to Oregon, Minnesota and Massachusetts. Its attempt to overthrow federalism and republicanism may or may not succeed. Its support of all manner of illicit behaviors and its distancing itself from America should result in reciprocal travel bans from the approximately 40 other saner states.
              During the Dust-bowl Years of the 1930s, many Oklahomans moved to California to find jobs… and therefore peace of mind. In a fitting irony, many Californians are now moving to Oklahoma to find…America.

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