Thursday, February 23, 2017

Women's Studies?

                 There is a new crisis swirling around women’s studies curricula: is the vagina truly indispensable to the genre? Controversy has broken out over a panel discussion titled “Pregnancy Without Women,” slated to be held at an upcoming National Women’s Studies Association conference. A rift has opened between two camps of women’s studies professors: those who wish to accept and deal logically with the fact that biological men cannot get pregnant- and those who don’t.
                Those in the former group object to the idea of discussing pregnancy…without women, and cling to the traditional belief that being a woman is simply a biological fact. A recent scholarly debate took place via Listserv, where this comment was posted: “We don’t need supposedly progressive folks downplaying the importance of women’s reproductive functions at this time. Let us stop this game now. Only women get pregnant and it serves women not at all to pretend this is not true!”
                This, predictably, stunned and angered the “those who don’t” camp. Transgender people and their advocates flatly reject the idea of a biologically driven gender binary, and believe those who embrace it as the only true gender perspective are narrow-minded, hostile, troglodytes from the darkest ages. And they are determined to do everything in their power to enlighten those of us who still believe the terms “man” and “woman” have any inherent meaning. For example, student leaders at the University of Southern California recently unanimously voted to change the name of the Women’s Student Assembly to the Student Assembly for Gender Empowerment in an effort to be more inclusive to transgender students.

                (Excuse me for a moment, I’m going to empower my gender. There. Much better).

                Various campuses have opened up the cast performing their Vagina Monologues plays to “women without vaginas.”
                Some women’s studies professors and transgender scholars were even offended by one aspect of the Women’s March on Washington, stating: “The vagina imagery at the women’s march was offensive to women without vaginas.”
                While it is undeniably heartwarming- and more than a little amusing- to see progressive whackos make complete fools out of themselves in their eternal quest to out-queer each other, it is equally disturbing to see how much “progress” they’ve made.
                “Women without vaginas?” Really?

                And that isn’t even our biggest problem. Our biggest problem has been men without balls. Which is why, the occasional faux pas aside, it is nice to have Trump in the People’s House. 

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