Saturday, February 11, 2017

Betsy DeVos Eyes?

                                                     Betsy DeVos Eyes?      (My apologies to Kim Carnes)

                Hollywood’s finest were chomping at the bit to opine on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education Tuesday. Even those who attended a private school, or whose kids currently attend a private school took to the airwaves and/or social media platforms to slander the new SecEd. Some prophesied that she will be the end of the public school system. This is ludicrous on its face, but why would it be a problem if true?
                Joss Whedon, director of “Avengers,” said Republicans have “declared war on our children.” This seems like a bit of a stretch, as many members of the GOP have children. In fact, more children than the Democratic obstructionists have in aggregate, I would guess.
                So-called comedienne Chelsea Handler remarked “Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Education Secretary. So now the entire public education system is basically Trump University.” The opposite is true. We can see what being publicly ‘edumacated’ did for Chelsea, who possesses roughly the IQ of a brussel sprout.
                Some leftist loonies actually aver that DeVos’ plans “will kill our children.” Obviously, any sane person scoffs at such a deranged belief, which brings us to Vanity Fair film critic Richard Lawson, who said, “That is not an exaggeration in any sense,” and posits that DeVos’ confirmation will be deadly for “queer and other at-risk kids,” due to her support of voucher programs. And who would understand education better than a Vanity Fair film critic? Lawson: “Voucher programs will create systems in which queer kids have literally zero access to support apparatus because they are in religious schools. Meaning voucher programs will lead to more suicides. Betsy DeVos’s policies will kill children.”
                Do you hear what he is saying? How does one find guidance and support in a religious school, as opposed to a public one? Yes, everyone knows access to religion leads to more suicides. Insane. Democrats never, ever seek a truce in their War on Religion. Unless that religion is Islam.
                For its part, the New Republic lectured its readers, telling them not to “normalize Betsy DeVos. Her views are simply much too dangerous.” For whom? Addlepated morons like you? Funny, the New Republic is all for “normalizing” men who claim to be women having access to girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms, and vice-versa. How the bleep did we get here?
                “Comedian” John Fugelsang likened the nomination to the refugee crisis, tweeting: “Refugees vetted 2 yrs before allowed to reunite w/families. Betsy DeVos vetted 5 minutes per Senator before being allowed to run America’s schools.” We didn’t even vet community organizer Barack Obama for that long before we let him run America, jackass.
                It strikes me as kind of odd and hypocritical that six of the ten Senate Democrats on the committee that considered the DeVos confirmation- and voted against her- attended private or parochial schools, or have children or grandchildren attending them.
                What the Democratic Party and its supporters are really doing here…is everything humanly possible to force the Trump administration to back off and adjust its agenda leftward, in contravention of voter’s wishes.
                How has Betsy DeVos responded to her critics? She said, prior to her confirmation, “If confirmed, I look forward to fighting for quality education for all students.”


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