Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tax Resistance

                Some on the left are now refusing to pay their federal income taxes to protest Trump administration policies. “Tax resistance,” which was last “a thing” in the Vietnam War era, is back.
                “My tax money will be going towards putting up a wall on the Mexican border instead of helping sick people. It will contribute to the destruction of the environment and maybe more nuclear weapons,” said Andrew Newman, an associate professor of English and history (there’s a shock!) at Stony Brook University in New York. Newman added, “If you pay taxes you are implicated in the system. The government wants our money and if a lot of people were thinking about this kind of peaceful protest, it would get their attention.” I’m sure it would. Conservative groups get “their” attention whether or not their members pay their taxes promptly and in full, as IRS thuggery has shown. Newman plans to donate the money he would’ve paid in taxes to causes that, in his estimation, are more socially redeemable.
                You want tax resistance? I’ve got your bleeping tax resistance right here! It makes me physically sick knowing my taxes go to pay for abortions, birth-control, welfare cheats, policies that destroy the family and lead to poverty, a permanent underclass, and never-ending needless misery!!!!! But if I, and others, refused to pay them, that would be a quick way to eviscerate the rule of law, render our societal contract moot, and lead to chaos, extreme rancor- and the dissolution of society.
                Oh…is that it?
                The hippie generation, the “make love not war” crowd of pastel-adorned ignoramuses,  and other leftists, tried to use tax resistance to make a typically limp, pathetic statement back in the Vietnam era. Most of them didn’t really have any income, so it didn’t really matter. Today’s tax resistors appear to be significantly better off financially. Ironically, in some cases, they appear to be of “the rich aren’t paying their fair share” ilk.
                There is a part of me that would rather drive a chartreuse micro-bus, don purple bell-bottoms and put flowers in my effing hair than hand over my tax money to help pay for Obama era programs that are destroying health care and soon may lead to an economic armageddon. But, again, if we all refused to pay our taxes because of the various programs we dislike, the results would be even more devastating.
                Not surprisingly, celebrities like Mia Farrow and aging feminists such as Gloria Steinem are also taking part in the movement. So, rich people who love big government are protesting the greedy rich by not paying their taxes. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
                Steinem said that she’s only going to pay that part of her federal taxes that she thinks should go to Planned Parenthood and allowed as how anyone could and should pay whatever they are able to in support of the organization.
                So she aims to prevent death and violence by making it easier for our enemies to kill us, while simultaneously- proudly- paying for the extermination of our own babies?! There can be no better definition of mental illness. But, wait, there’s more!
                These cretins are planning nationwide anti-Trump rallies for April 15th- normally tax day- to demand President Trump release his tax records. Kirsten Taylor, a contemporary arts fundraiser (there’s a shock!) from Michigan, stated, “I’m desperate for someone to figure out a way to get him to disclose his returns. I think they would show he should not be president.” Those who are now refusing to pay their own taxes are demanding to see Trump’s tax returns and claiming the moral high-ground for it?! Even if their darkest theories were true, what if Trump didn’t want to- in fact, couldn’t morally justify- paying for Obama’s or other previous president’s immoral policies? Hmmm?

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