Saturday, February 4, 2017

Texas Teacher Shoots Trump Image In Classroom, Shouts "Die!"

                 A Dallas, Texas high school art teacher was watching the inauguration of Donald Trump on a whiteboard in her classroom when she jumped up and lunged at the image of President Trump, repeatedly fired a squirt gun at it, and yelled “die!”
                The school district wouldn’t say if- or how many- students witnessed the ersatz assassination attempt, but voices can be heard in the background of the video the teacher posted to her Instagram account. Yes, the savvy educator actually posted the faux assassination video along with the message: “Watching the #inauguration in my classroom like…#no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday.”
                “#Teach them better?” Like you just did? Talk about “#hypocrisy?” This brilliant instructor just committed the Mother of All Hypocrisies. School kids routinely get sent home for wearing a shirt with a picture of a firearm on it, or for even pointing their fingers at a classmate in an aggressive manner and saying “bang.” What is she doing with a squirt gun in class? Clearly this was a hate crime. Maybe she’ll claim it was “performance art.”

                I’m sure she has sadly reflected on the events that occurred shortly after noon on November 22nd, 1963, as she should have. Yet, here she is, a teacher in Dallas, staging a fake- but apparently desired- assassination shortly after noon in a classroom on the day a president is inaugurated? And, to top it all off, she thinks the inauguration reeks of “hypocrisy,” and that she is by definition a better teacher than those whose students somehow grew up to vote for Trump?
                Mind-boggling, but tragically no longer surprising.
                The school district has placed the teacher on administrative leave, and said in a statement: “This is a personnel matter and as such we cannot comment.”

                Fortunately, I can: “#fireherass.”

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