Monday, February 13, 2017

Dakota Access Protesters Trash The Environment

                They came. They saw. They trashed the place.

                Yes, those plucky eco-warriors that selflessly attempted to save the North Dakota environment by blocking the Dakota Access pipeline turned out to be pharisaical frauds who literally left behind mountains of debris and detritus. In fact, North Dakota authorities said last Monday that cleanup crews at the site of the protest were actually scouring the piles of trash looking for anyone who may have died during the demonstrations. A minimum of 23 loads of the protesters’ garbage had been transported to- and dumped into- the Bismarck Landfill in the previous week. According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Office, they were also looking for “anything illegal, anything that might be used to, I guess, harm our officers during a protest.”
                Authorities say at least 250 trucks will be needed to clear out the trash. All the garbage left behind was frozen into chunks Sanitation workers are hoping to get the massive mess cleaned up by spring.
                These imbeciles actually caused an environmental disaster protesting a potential one! And now one or more of their ilk might be entombed in a frozen offal heap of their own making, ala a mastodon from yesteryear. You can’t make it up. Think I’m exaggerating? Morton County Emergency Manager Tom Doering said, “Standing Rock Environmental Protection Agency and Dakota Sanitation are working together to try and avert an environmental tragedy.”
                At this point, anyone dumb enough to believe anything that comes out of a leftist mouth should be institutionalized for their own- and our- protection.

                Not to mention the environment’s.


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