Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Secretary Of Education Over Unanimous Democratic Opposition

                                                                We Are DeVos

                 Democrats claim to be for the poor, the less fortunate, immigrants and inner-city minorities, yet presented with an opportunity to do something that might actually help these groups, they unanimously declined to do so. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has a distinguished track record of educational reform, and is a strong supporter of Vouchers and charter schools, which give kids in urban and under-performing school districts a chance at a quality education. Every single one of the Democratic senators voted against her confirmation. Obviously, it’s because she is a female. Sexist pigs!
                In reality, it is teacher’s union cash they care about, and Betsy DeVos’ policies could conceivably lead to a slight reduction in public school teaching positions. Public school teachers unions can’t countenance that, so the hell with the little brats. Democrats look at teachers unions the way an abused puppy looks at his abusive master. Their eyes get big and the trembling sets in, and nothing else matters. These are some of the vilest people currently burdening the planet.
                The Trump administration, on the other hand, is attempting to shake up the establishment, bring in fresh, new ideas, and boldly tackle entrenched problems, while standing proud in the face of the Democrats reactionary reaction. Could it be the Trump Team that is composed of progressives?
                Two liberal RINOs joined the dogmatic Democrats in declining to vote for DeVos, requiring Vice-President Pence to cast the deciding ballot for her. This despite the fact that America’s public schools are demonstrably failing their students, as is evidenced by the continuing decline in their test scores vis-à-vis the rest of the world.
                No president has ever before had so few cabinet members confirmed this far into his presidency. Nor have any faced such frequent and open talk of impeachment or assassination at this juncture, if ever. Where are the tolerant, open-minded, inclusive voices denouncing this hate speech, the threats of violence and the rioting in the streets? Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone in the Sham Party to speak up. The only thing they care about is their own power. They don’t even care about how it’s obtained or wielded. Any act that they believe could enhance their power is, by definition, legitimate expression…free speech. Conversely, they brand simple statements of facts uttered by conservatives as “fake news,” secure in the knowledge that the media will report them thus, and the low-information citizen will internalize them- and regurgitate them as necessary.

                These would-be socialist wolves in sheep’s clothing should get back in their white robes and pointy hats and go burn down some crosses…and reveal themselves for who they really are: execrable louts whose lawless behavior and unconstitutional actions should no longer be tolerated.

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