Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pope Francis Says Muslim Terrorism "Doesn't Exist"

                 Pope Francis proclaimed that “Muslim terrorism does not exist” to a world meeting of populist movements recently. Remarkably, in the same address in which he denied the existence of Muslim terrorism, he condemned those who deny the existence of man-caused global warming: “A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system. Let us not fall into denial. Time is running out. Let us act.”
                Those last three short sentences would have better applied to…Islamic terrorism. He’s not the most astute pontiff in the Holy See.
                “No people is criminal or drug-trafficking or violent,” Francis said. He went on to reaffirm his belief that all religions promote peace, before stating: “There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia.”
                I’m confused. Which is it? Are no people criminal and do all religions promote peace? Or are there fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions?
                The Pope and the Holy See are concerned with the growing populist movements in Europe and the United States. Yes, you hate to see citizens of democratic nations try to take back their power from  entrenched bureaucracies, don’t you? In my opinion, Francis, isn’t a great Pope. He might have made a better New York Times reporter.
                In other remarks, the puzzling pontiff denied the existence of media bias, and, oddly enough, the New England Patriots, but said he was “inclined to” believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

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