Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Student Attacked For Wearing "Make America Great Again Hat"

                A 12-year-old student in St. Louis was accosted and punched while on a school bus…for wearing a hat that said “Make America Great Again.” It is heartwarming to know that, in today’s America, if you wear a cap wishing your own country well, you stand a good chance of being assaulted.
                Cell-phone video of this most ludicrous of hate crimes shows a group of students ganging up on the young boy and shouting, “So you wanna build a wall? You wanna build a wall?” before taking swings at him.
                What disciplinary action did the school district take to prevent further egregious behavior of this sort? The boy who was the victim of the unprovoked attack was suspended from school.
                The youth’s mother, Christina Cortina, is understandably outraged about the attack- and the suspension. “I saw him being berated and bullied and beat, literally beat, because he feels strongly about the world today,” she told KMOV television.
                A Parkway School District Representative said all students involved in the attack have faced “consequences” following a full investigation. What complete bullshit.
                You can wear practically anything to, in and around most public schools these days- or practically nothing for that matter- and almost all your peers are “down with it.” You can claim you’re a girl if you’re a boy- and vice versa- and use the bathroom and locker room facilities of your choice, and the powers that be bend over backwards to protect you. But it’s simply, clearly beyond the pale to don a lid that sports one presidential candidate’s campaign slogan urging citizens to help better their country? Funny, I don’t remember anyone being intimidated and beaten for carrying or wearing items that stated “change we can believe in” back in 2008 and 2012.
                Obama put a thugocracy firmly in place, even though he himself was the most feminine of leaders. He took his community agitator bit to the White House, and agitated the entire nation. The only individual he cared about was himself. He saw everyone else only in terms of the group to which he assigned them. He gave an identity to “identity politics,” paving the way for the staggering number of acts of “anti-Trump” violence we’ve recently experienced.
                If this kind of herd mentality is countenanced, if this rabid, swarming, piranha-like attack on free speech and independent thought is tolerated, there will be no way to make America great again.

                Which, of course, is exactly what these attacks are all about. 

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