Sunday, February 12, 2017

Teacher Says The Only Good Trump Supporter Is A Dead Trump Supporter

                 David Colin, a Tennessee substitute teacher posted an unusually thoughtful, educational judgment on his Facebook page this past November 9th, the day after the presidential election. He reasoned: “The only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter.” He admitted to a local television station (WTVF-Nashville) that he made the post, and that he followed it up a month later with this bon mot: “Shooting them sounds more appealing than getting along with them…”
                And I was just going to ask the old liberal bromide of a question: “Can’t we all just get along?” Guess not.
                Wishing that tens of millions of your countrymen were dead because they hold differing political views doesn’t seem particularly tolerant or inclusive to me, but maybe I’m just not an expert on tolerance and inclusiveness. In any case, David tried, on camera, to place his statements in perspective: “That morning after there was…millions of volatile comments made by millions of people.” This heat-of-the-moment ‘excuse’ is obviously a pathetic ruse given his post a month later.
                He then attempted a different approach, telling WTVF: “I don’t want this to be about the posting. It’s more about what comes after, using people’s freedom of speech and trying to use that to browbeat one side against the other.” Remarkable. 
                I’m sure he doesn’t want it “to be about the posting” at this point. No, he’s just championing free speech! Progressives, politically-correct warriors that they are, deny free speech to anyone who doesn’t agree with them, yet, when they make outrageous statements with implied threats of physical violence or death, they are immediately taken aback if anyone questions their motive for making them.
                Can you imagine if a teacher had publicly made those posts about President Obama and his supporters? That news would’ve led every network newscast for a week straight, and the New York Times and the Washington Post would have had separate sections on the endemic racism, violence and gun culture in the nation, with special reports on the ‘anti-government extremist whackos’ lurking around every corner.
                When asked if he would make the same post again, Colin replied, “I’d probably phrase it a little bit different, but I would still speak out.” Probably?
                According to the station, Colin was still employed by the company that contracted him to substitute teach at the Rutherford County Schools, though he won’t be placed in schools again until a pending investigation is completed.
                Had he made those remarks about Obama, he would have been summarily dismissed from his job, made to undergo extensive sensitivity training, and quite possibly been thrown into Gitmo.
                Another local television station, WZTV (also in Nashville), reported that the substandard substitute is also accused of posting what amounts to a call-to-arms on Facebook on January 16th. Here is an excerpt from that diatribe: “So, where do we go from here? Rallies and demonstrations are pretty much futile, since the lunatics just laugh at us knowing we haven’t the guts to stand up and take the actions needed. Writing and complaining falls on deaf ears. Not until the first shot is fired will the recovery begin.” He thinks those he’s threatening are lunatics?!
                Those zany educators! There are reports from around the country of teachers at all levels- in their classrooms in front of students- engaging in hysterical fulminations against the president, comparing him to historical villains, staging faux assassinations and/or holding impromptu workshops for students and faculty to come to terms with their grief. It’s good to know our kids are in such sane, capable, steady hands.
                Memo to Mr. Colin: I don’t know if you have any knowledge of the Revolutionary War, but, if “where you go from here” is firing the first shot, you and yours will not be on the side of the Patriots.

                Your coats will be red.


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