Monday, February 27, 2017

University Professors Decry Subtle Acts Of Racism, Exclusion

                 Prominent professors from various departments at several major colleges and universities are making a compelling case that wearing clothing and exhibiting good posture are just two of many examples of habits once thought to be “good,” “correct” or “proper,” that are actually acts of racism, white privilege and caucasian cultural arrogance. In some instances, these acts could rise to the level of a “hate crime,” according to the educational experts.
                In a statement released earlier today, Professor Cara Lott and Professor Chester E. Dewgooder, both from the University of California at Stockton, explained that, while most people engaging in these endeavors mean no harm and aren’t even aware of their own insensitivity, many in marginalized communities are deeply offended by them. So much so, in fact, some are calling for special, designated safe spaces on campus where apparel and supercilious bearing are not allowed.
                University of Central Massachusetts Professor DeVonte “LeRoy” Jackson sited “chewing with one’s mouth closed” and “annunciating clearly” as two other exercises fraught with snobbery and exclusion. “Those intolerant of open mastication, mispronunciaphobes, and others of their ilk, are really just oral bullies,” stated the professor via a phone interview. At least I think he did. It was difficult to pick out his words.
                Other inherently, reprehensibly racist and intolerant acts identified by the professors were: saying “please” and “thank you,” pooping indoors, respecting one’s elders, helping little old ladies across the street, vacuuming, doing one’s best at school and work, and not blaming others for your situation in life.

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