Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Facebook Frauds

                 If you are conservative, or simply non-political, you may have noticed a curious trait that many of your liberal social media friends exhibit. If they are like a few of mine, they frequently put up political posts, many of them ludicrous, with a comment something like this: "As my long-time friends know, I rarely post any political stuff, but this time I just couldn't help myself!"
                I've never put up a purely, overtly political post on my regular Facebook page, or on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and most, though not all, of my conservative brethren are similarly restrained. I, of course, use my clearly labeled blog to convey my beliefs. We conservatives tend to get irked and dismayed when clear political bias is injected into entertainment fields such as movies and television, and also sporting events, the weather, obituaries, fortune cookies, and children's bedtime stories. The left, however, never rests...and apparently doesn't want your children to, either.
                Again, I can't tell you how often a liberal Facebook "friend" will preface a political post with, "As you all know if you've followed/friended me long, I loathe getting political on here, but...," before launching into a remarkably emotional, ill-informed political rant and sharing a post from purporting to show that Elizabeth Warren is a caring intellectual, who- if it wasn't for sexist pigs- would already have her visage chiseled into Mount Rushmore, while Ted Cruz is mean and everybody hates him for good reason. (Whew! That may have been the longest sentence I've ever scribbled here).
                I'm sorry my liberal buddies, but when roughly 60% of your posts are of the "Yay my team, your team wants to destroy the planet in the quickest manner possible" variety, it's a little hard to take your claims of political chastity seriously.
                In many cases, if these palpably progressive posters actually have managed to go a day or two without, say, comparing President Trump's policies to those of the Khmer Rouge, when they eventually then state, "This was just too much, I had to post it," the dam breaks. Instead of just one post, they now often turn into crazed, human, political-commentary pez dispensers, firing off dozens of posts in a few hour span, all designed to show off their superior tolerance and inclusiveness, in an online version of a Honda Element sporting 13 bumper-stickers, including “Coexist,” “Visualize World Peace,” and “You Can’t Hug Your Kids With Nuclear Arms.” (That may now have been my longest sentence).

                Thank the Lord I've got my blog.

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