Sunday, July 31, 2016

Iranian Leader Threatens To Annihilate Israel, World Yawns

                 Hossein Salami, deputy head of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is under the command of the country’s Supreme Leader, recently claimed that his nation has over 100,000 missiles targeted at Israel…in Lebanon alone. Salami further stated that these missiles are ready for the “annihilation” of Israel. According to a translation (from Farsi) by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Salami spoke before (Friday) prayers recently on Iran’s state-run IRIB TV, also averring that Iran has “tens of thousands” of additional missiles that are ready to wipe the “accursed black dot” of Israel off the map.
                How many Western news outlets bothered to report on this story? Where are the “Jewish Lives Matter” marches and placards? Each and every time a police officer may possibly- viewed from the comfort and context of our sofas- have used inappropriate force on an individual of color it leads the news on nearly every platform. Iran threatens to wipe out an entire nation/race? Yawn. It’s just the Jews. Not newsworthy to the elite media. Where is the sense of balance and proportion? Where is logic and reason?
                History shows that another nation’s leaders once tried to wipe the Jewish people from the face of the Earth…and nearly succeeded. We didn’t take Hitler at his word… and we’re pretty sure Salami isn’t terribly serious now, either. Aren’t we?
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