Sunday, July 10, 2016

The History Of Stupidity...

                 American history is history as far as many prestigious American colleges and universities are concerned. A student does not need a single course in U.S. history to major in… history… at Harvard, Georgetown, the University of Maryland, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Dartmouth, Northwestern, Brown, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Rice, Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Washington, Minnesota, and many colleges in the California state university system, just to name a few.
                Well, what the hell. Why would you? Who hasn’t majored in economics without taking a single class on macroeconomics? Not familiar with the supply and demand curve? No problem! Never read Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations?” Here’s your degree! Surely many, many colleges and universities don’t require music majors to take a class on classical music, right? Or, if they do, I’m sure those classes don’t mention Beethoven, Bach or Brahms.
                I am sure these self-same schools don’t require their students majoring in business management to take a class on marketing, accounting or business writing, either. Am I right? Want to be a meteorologist? It’s up to you whether or not you want to study weather! Want to major in physics but never took any calculus classes? MIT is there for you! The History of Aeronautics, you say? Don’t worry, you won’t be made to learn about Orville and Wilbur, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin or anything else that involves the United States! You want a Masters in World Literature? Let’s just leave the Russians and English out, okay?

                Now, as for the history of stupidity

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