Friday, July 15, 2016

France Attacked On Bastille Day; Terror Strikes Nice

                 “Remain calm! The most important thing is that we guard against unfounded retaliation! Islam is a religion of peace! Those who perpetrated this despicable act have a completely distorted vision of a glorious religion! We must make sure that we don’t needlessly offend our Muslim friends! We don’t want to appear boorish, xenophobic or intolerant! Moreover, we must be ever vigilant in our duty to make certain that right-wing extremists from the backwaters of this land, clinging to their God and their guns, don’t go off half-cocked and attempt to stereotype or even discriminate against those that don’t share their so-called values- or skin color!
                “This then, is our charge: let us think of peace and harmony (except with the aforementioned kooks), love and inclusion! Tolerance and hatred of whitey respect will allow us- all of us- to join hands around the world and one day live as one! Thank you… and peace out!”

                Tired of hearing talk like this from our leaders? Me too.

                At some point in the future, if we keep up as we are, the Obamas of the world won’t have to worry about that vast, mythical, anti-Muslim backlash, because there won’t be any non-Muslims left to defend themselves.

                Welcome back to the 9th century.

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